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RealEyes helps you finish what you've started

Prepare unfinished manuscripts for submission

Academics juggle competing demands from research, teaching, service, and professional commitments. It's not unusual to have unfinished manuscripts waiting for attention. RealEyes can help move those manuscripts from the "in preparation" to the "submitted for publication" column.

Give the detail work to someone who loves it!

Business people, professionals, job seekers ... initial drafts expressing great ideas might come easily but fine-tuning can be time consuming and challenging. Get help with the details to clearly and powerfully communicate your message.

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What happens if we work together?

First We Talk

We talk about your project and what you're hoping for from me. I answer any questions about my process and background and ask for a sample of your draft to get a sense of the work scope.

Then we contract

I provide an estimate that includes a timeline with deliverables. We plan the specifics of how and when we'll communicate online. When we agree on details, we sign a contract.

I work hard

While working, I check in with you regularly. I'm available for you to contact as needed. I consult with you in a timely way about adjustments to the project delierables and timeline.

Project realized!

After you review and are happy with the final product, we complete our work together. I ask for feedback about your experience of the process and product. If possible, we discuss future projects.

My Background


Editing-Related Credentials

  • Editing Certificate 2020
  • Web Design Certificate 2020
  • PhD (Social Work) 1997
  • MSW & BSW degrees

How my credentials help

  • Editing Certificate: Comprehensive editing knowledge and skills.
  • Web Certificate: Versatile writing skills and diverse applications.
  • PhD: Extensive knowledge of research methods and scholarly writing.
  • MSW & BSW: Skills for supportive relationship development.

Career Highlights

  • 22-year academic career
  • > 25 articles/chapters
  • 2 co-edited books
  • > $1.5M competitive funding

How my experience helps

  • Career academic: Deep knowledge of a variety of topics.
  • Article author: Capacity to prepare manuscripts for publication.
  • Co-edited books: Experience interacting with publishers and chapter authors.
  • Grant writing: Understand research funding strategies and processes.

When I'm Not Working

  • Live on Vancouver Island
  • Love to travel
  • Lifelong learner
  • Fueled by challenges

How my lifestyle helps

  • Vancouver Island: Clear head from access to green space, year round.
  • Travelling: Carry my laptop and am able to work anytime, anyplace.
  • Lifelong learner: Enjoy strengthening exisiting and developing new skills.
  • Challenges: Willing and happy to try even when at my cutting edge.

Nice words from people I've helped

Doctoral Student

Attention to detail

"Her love for the English language and attentiveness to fine details motivated me to care for sentence structures and intentional use of literary devices. Furthermore, Dr. Calhoun ... supported me to write several successful scholarship applications."

University Professor

Editing magic

"In all contexts, Avery has demonstrated an amazing skill level at organizing, writing and editing. Any research proposal, report, or article, after Avery has applied her editing magic, displays a more effective level of presentation, organization, communication, and readability."

Academic Author

Gifted writer

"Avery is an experienced and gifted writer who can effectively incorporate and communicate many concepts both clearly and concisely without the use of academic jargon. Her eye for detail and vision of the bigger picture allows her to simultaneously attend to the technicalities while maintaining the integrity of the whole."

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